Your Pet Can Say Goodbye To Their Skin Problems

Case Study – Bobbey & His Skin Problems

Thanks & Credits To Ms Yaostha (Bobbey’s Owner) and Dr Murshida.

Photograph Taken In Early March 2018


A German Shepard, Bobbey was found with serious skin disease on his first visit to Pawsitive clinic early of March this year. Few weeks after the prescribed oral medicines and diets, the condition improved and we can see some new hairs are gradually growing and his skin condition was slightly improved.

Following a careful examination and discussion with Bobbey’s owner, allergen test was introduced to Bobbey for his continuous improvement by Dr.Murshida.

Photograph Taken In April 2018


A month later after the allergen test was conducted and with the accurate prescribed diets and treatments based on the results from the test by Dr Murshida, we are so delighted to see Bobbey has gotten back his shiny and healthy coat! And most importantly he is no longer suffer from skin itchiness due to allergies!

Photograph Taken In May 2018


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