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Pawsitive Pet Adoption – Adopt. Don’t Buy !

Pawsitive Pet Animal Clinic has been actively serving the community in Penang. Supporting and promoting pet adoption from local animal shelter and rescue organizations is all part of our mission to help increase the number of adopted animals placed in good homes. By working together with shelter organizations, we are able to provide shelter pets with expert pet healthcare and the support to make a difference. Pets bring out the love in all of us. Learn More >>>

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Pet Adoption Made Easy

When you adopt a pet, you’ve added a new member to your family. Naturally you want everything to go smoothly with your new best friend and so does Pawsitive Clinic. After taking care of thousands of dogs and cats, we know what it takes and our teams are here to help you.

Bring your newly adopted pet to Pawsitive Pet Animal Clinic and receive a free initial check up. Our experienced veterinarian will check your pet, look for fleas, ticks and external parasites and provide you with expert recommendations. Give your pet the best start in life. A healthy start.

Note – Please provide the proof of adoption from the shelter organisations and make your appointment in advance.

Catch-Neuter-Return Project

You may see feral and stray cats, also called community cats, roaming around your neighbourhood, and you may be wondering how you can help them. The most effective way to stop them from reproducing. Pawsitive clinic is currently running catch, neuter & return project to trap and sterilize these stray cats.

Dr Murshida is the doctor in-charge for this project to help these cute cats in our vicinity. For all rescuers who wish to participate in this project can contact us for more information.

How to identify these sterilized cats ? Eartipping is the universal sign of an altered feral cat. While the cat is sedated for the spay or neuter surgery, a quarter of an inch is removed from the tip of the ear in a straight line cut. The procedure is swift and painless and healing is rapid.

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Help2Netuer Program


Date range: 1st – 30th Dec 2018

Opened for rescued animals from shelter and strays only

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