Pet Wellness Health Screening Program

For Dogs and Cats of All Life Stages


Pawsitive Pet Animal Clinic is running a Pet Wellness Health Screening Program for dogs and cats of all stages. Health screening can detect diseases at early stages and provide useful baseline values for comparison with future references.

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Health screening involves the use of tests, physical examinations or other procedures to detect disease early in your pets that appear well.

Most often, in Malaysia, pets visit the vet only when they are sick. As some animals tend to be rather stoic, they exhibit clinical signs only when the diseases are advanced, and especially in the older animals as they experience degenerative diseases just like us. Often times, the condition may be far too weak and diseases far too advanced at the time of diagnosis for treatment to be effective.

In many situations, even further diagnostics to fully diagnose the disease is hampered due to the clinical condition of the animal. The situation is very frustrating for both the owners and the veterinary profession. Our clinic’s health screening bundle offers a cost-effective one-time overall assessment of the pet’s health in our aim to provide affordable healthcare to pet animals.

The objectives of health screening and health programmes are simple. It would allow a comprehensive assessment of the body systems and early detection of diseases particularly degenerative diseases. Preventative routine health care is the key to a healthy life for your pets.

In addition to routine vaccination which serves to prevent specific viral and bacterial diseases, we advocate regular checks and diagnostic tests for health screening. This could enable early medical intervention, where indicated, to facilitate the recovery and/or to prevent further deterioration of disease process(es).


Pet Wellness Health Screening Program:

  • Physical Examination
  • Full Haematology
  • Kidney & Liver Function Tests
  • Abdominal & Heart Ultrasound
  • Urinalysis
  • Heartworm & Tick Fever Test (For dogs)
  • FeLV/FIV test (For cats)




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